The Ethical Behavior and Outside Considerations

Subject: Medical Ethics
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Each hospital has a unique set of goals, objectives, and philosophy, which are shaped with regard both internal and external processes. At this point, considering outside influences is vital because external competition has a direct impact on the quality of healthcare. This is of particular concern to patients’ social and cultural backgrounds that shape an integral part of their individuality. On the one hand, the formation of the code of ethics should not be affected by outside evaluations because each hospital should invent its unique philosophy that could distinguish its professionals from other.

On the other hand, there are universally accepted moral principles that must be followed and encourage in the workplace. Specific attention requires such issues as patient’s privacy and protection, standards of treatment, nurses’ professionalism, and expertise in the evidence-based practice. Ethical behavior touches on all these aspects and, therefore, these considerations should be constantly adjusted with regard to the norms that are regulated outside the hospital. Constant improvement of skills, experience, and knowledge is impossible without external interventions because they allow nurses to monitor the recent changes in approaches for treating patients and ensuring their welfare.

Nursing training is also premised on a number of coaching programs from the outside. They do not only provide parameters for responsible behavior, but open wider access to new opportunities. Overall, the globalization process also has benefits in terms of constant exchange of experience, knowledge, and ideas for the sake of the welfare of the world’s community. The contemporary conditions provide sufficient support for controlling, managing, and sustaining high standards of patients’ treatment. Taking into consideration technological advances is also important for improving ethical standards.