The Nurse’s Primary Ethical Responsibility

Subject: Medical Ethics
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Nurse’s primary responsibility consists in ensuring emotional, psychological, and physical wellness of patients with regard to the peculiarities of their cultural and social backgrounds. Nurses should be fully committed to the duties they have in front of the managerial staff and patients. Proving high-quality healthcare services should ensure social wellbeing and protection of patients. Following ethical codes also implies strict observance of professional standards that refer to patients’ confidentiality and privacy, which are stipulated by the law.

Nursing are ethically accountable for delivering honest and equal attitude to patients and colleagues, as well as for maintaining high moral standards and self-integrity. Additionally, nurses hold a full responsibility for advancing and developing professional competence through professional and personal growth, which contribute to higher quality of patients’ care. To ensure exceptional quality of healthcare, nurses should approach their task in a collaborative manner. By improving communication among nurse professionals, it is possible to ensure higher standards of patients’ treatment, as well as enhance the accuracy of information exchange.

Additionally, practicing various nursing models, such as those proposed by Jean Watson or Martha Rogers, is also commendable because it facilitates the transparency and understanding within the nursing personnel. Communicating with colleague is the key to successful management and leadership in the department and, therefore, social interaction is vital for sustaining ethically rich environment in a medical establishment. Apart from the internal processes, nurses should be concerned with the level of external opportunities for personal development. Estimating the environment, particularly the public sector is another important function that nurses should perform. Addressing media and communication is also vital for considering and monitoring adequate information transmission to avoid excess publicity and encourage hospital reputation.