The Link Between Concept and Theory in Nursing

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Nursing theory refers to a term within the body of knowledge that is utilized to promote nursing practices. The nursing theory offers the foundation for proficient nursing practices. In addition, it guides the nursing practice and offers insight into the future, present, and past of nursing. Nursing theory or practices might be obtained from formal sources like non-nursing sources or nursing sources and from experimental learning. On the other hand, there are four concepts on nursing that determine and affect the nursing practice: human beings, environment, health, and nursing. Nursing concepts are entitled to everybody regardless of their sex, age, race, or economic standards.

There is a link between theory and concept in nursing since nursing models are theoretical models that are designed of concepts and theories of nursing. In addition, both theory and concept of nursing are utilized to help nurses evaluate, plan and apply patient care through offering a structure within which to operate from. Similarly, the link that exists between theory and concept in nursing is the aspect where nursing theory and concept assist nurses to accomplish seamlessly and uniformly care.

For instance, a link exists where the four basic nursing concepts; environment, health, nursing, and person are compared between Dorothea Orem’s and Betty Neuman’s nursing theories. Therefore, it is clear that every theory nursing is made up of concepts, thus the linkage between the theory and concept. Therefore, the link that exists between concept and nursing in nursing is whereby nursing theory entails the well-articulated and distinct system of propositions and concepts that are intended to guide nursing research and practice. Thus, concepts offer the building materials of theories.