Nurse’s Change Experience and Best Implementation Practices

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Perhaps the most major change in my professional life came when I graduated and gained my first nursing position in a hospital. I went from being a student to a professional in what seemed like a short time. I was slightly nervous, but overall, I found it positive because it was my first step in having a career as a medical professional.

This job helped me support myself and help my loved ones, despite any issues I encountered while working. However, the change was monumental since almost every element of my daily life changed with it. Even small details such as how I eat and when I go to sleep had to be adjusted to suit my job. This experience only partially aligns with the best practices of change implementation. Primarily, it aligns with the need for planning and making sure that the change is beneficial. I did not doubt that becoming a nurse would be good for my family and me.

This idea drove me to prepare myself carefully, not only by studying hard but also through a cautious approach to time management. Professionals recommend making sure that change is implemented with specific timing and that every workplace element is prepared for it. By adjusting my life in advance, I started working without feeling unprepared for the new schedule and overall change in my way of life. However, it is difficult to apply these best practices to all types of change in life. There are too many variables that are often outside of a person’s control.