Miami Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners’ Activities

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The activity of advanced registered nurse practitioners is crucial for every community. They can initiate and lead evidence-based projects to improve community members’ health, contributing both to the increase of the quality of care and improvement of patient outcomes. Thus, the activity of ARNPs is not limited to the hospital settings and can provide some benefits for health care consumers in the community.

Speaking of Miami (Florida), ARNPs spearhead some projects that provide patients and community members with more healthcare advantages. For example, there is a pro-vaccination initiative aimed at education and further stimulation of vaccination rates increase. Community members frequently refuse to get vaccinated due to the lack of information about the safety of vaccines and possible adverse effects, and the danger of diseases such as HPV or influenza. Thus, the interventions provided by ARNPs in Miami include informing the community members about diseases that can be prevented by vaccination through meetings at schools and community centers. Moreover, they spread information about vaccination schedules and vaccines available with the help of leaflets. These activities are beneficial for health care consumers because they can receive professional advice and first-hand information about vaccination, thus reducing prejudices of the population about vaccines. Therefore, the general health of the community is likely to increase.

Another activity that involves ARNPs in Miami is post-discharge support. Although patients receive some education before the discharge about peculiarities of care during the rehabilitation period, some of them find it difficult. Thus, they can phone and ask a nurse for advice about their condition or the medicine prescribed. This activity is particularly beneficial for lonely patients who have no relatives or close people and for elderly patients who may have problems with memorizing doctor’s recommendations.