The Role of Vaccination on Society

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The modern world exists in the way we know to a greater degree due to the discovery and mass use of vaccination. The given practice helped to attain significant improvement in the quality of people’s lives by eliminating the danger of being killed by smallpox, polio, diphtheria, and hepatitis. It also contributed to the prolongation of people’s lifespans. For this reason, out of the mother’s womb, children are now provided by multiple vaccines that can reduce the danger of becoming ill and help them to survive. In general, about 35 inoculations are made during the first six years of individuals’ lives to fight 14 diseases.

The given practice is implemented in the majority of civilized countries to ensure that infants will survive and evolve. It seems that its positive impact is apparent. However, there are opponents of vaccination stating that they might trigger the development of various diseases including autism and other mental disorders. The given opinion becomes more and more popular. It resulted in the so-called Vaccine War as thousands of parents refuse to vaccinate their children and use media to promote this position and demonstrate the danger of this practice.

This behavior seems unreasonable as there is no credible research evidence proving the vaccine-caused illnesses or mental disorders. In such a way, it becomes a surprising fact that the invention that helped to save millions of people can be nowadays opposed by parents who want to protect their children by refusing from vaccination.