Controversy Over Dieting

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Dieting becomes a factor in the daily life of everyone who wishes to control his and her weight. But there are many incorrect popular beliefs regarding dieting, especially regarding how and what to eat. Many people do believe that they must eat the less possible and substitute fats with carbohydrates in order to gain fast energy to burn for their exercising and other daily activities.

But each individual is unique in his and her necessities of energy and nutrition values. And so the controversy is that when you exercise much and tend not to eat much as well, it might result in damaging the body more than helping it. The chemical reactions formed after exercising (especially after gym exercising) does remove the feelings of hunger and many tend not to take food because they feel ‘well’.

But this is also the moment that you must intake food in order to benefit the body even though you do not feel hungry. But contrary to popular belief, the diet alone is not enough for weight control, at best, since it can even damage you. Many critics have argued that the radical change in food intake without the proper changes in your lifestyle or exercising, will ultimately damage your body and health. Many others do argue that the chemical imbalances caused from the radical change in food habits will be the cause to psychological imbalances.

These in turn can lead to more complex problems and thus dieting could possibly become one of the causing roots of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. So, before rushing to change only our eating habits it is better that we make a more ‘general plan’ in changing our lifestyle, including our eating habits, at a gradual range.