Use of Technology in Health and Caring Part of Nursing

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I think that the increasing use of technology in health care has improved the caring part of nursing. Technology can improve the level of communication. Modern medical technologies have the potential to transform the nature of care. Nurses and medical practitioners can use such digital technologies to support the changing health needs of their patients. For instance, nurses can use such technologies to monitor various diseases. Medical technologies have increased the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare. More patients are now able to access quality medical care. Such technologies are improving the level of information-gathering. This information is shared and examined carefully in order to promote the best practices. The use of health informatics makes it easier for nurses to make accurate medical decisions. More nurses and professionals are embracing such technologies in order to improve the quality of care. The use of technology also encourages medical practitioners to work as teams. This practice has improved the caring part of nursing.

Hostetter et al. observed that “technology use makes nursing an evidence-based practice.” Many Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are able to use proper information in order to make the best medical decisions. The level of communication has increased significantly. Nurses and caregivers can use these technologies to communicate with one another. The process has improved the speed of decision-making in the nursing field. More patients and underserved populations continue to benefit significantly from this development. Modern technologies are making it easier for NPs to acquire new skills and competencies. For instance, the availability of digital readers (DRs) is encouraging them to acquaint themselves with new research findings. The American government is also supporting the Meaningful Use program in order to improve the quality of medical care. The increasing use of technology will eventually support the needs of many consumers.