WebMD: The Health Website Analysis

Subject: Healthcare Research
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WebMD is a health website that caters to the all-around health needs of the population. It is a friendly website with clear images that illustrate the various points discussed. It has five primary tabs under which information is classified: health A-Z, drugs & supplements, living healthy, family & pregnancy, and news& experts. Placing the cursor on each tab opens a list of relevant topics. WebMD is funded by third-party contributions, advertising, and sponsors. It aims to provide timely and well-researched information on health and current trends to help people lead better lives. The information presented on the website is obtained from peer-reviewed journals. It delivers appropriate and current information cited in line with the author and the date of publishing. It also provides clickable links within the research articles that take the reader to the source of information or a source giving more details of the specific topic addressed.

WebMD displays ads related to their content, including food, family, and lifestyle. The medical professionals are listed in the “About Us” menu. Their titles include chief medical officer, lead medical director, medical editor, chief medical director, and senior medical director. To contact each medical professional, one can reach them directly through their social media channels or use the “Contact us” link provided. The information presented on the website is factual since all advertisers must comply with WebMD’s policy of correct information. The website also corrects any misinformation noted in its content. One can verify the information by fooling the links given to the original researchers or advertisers and conducting further research into the matter. Nothing seems controversial since all information is verified by qualified medical professionals working closely with the editors. However, critics argue that the site downplays people’s problems by failing to factor in the impact of medicines and family factors in its symptoms checker.

Question: Should WebMD require all advertisers to give research evidence before using the website to promote their products?