Abortion: Should Be It Legalized?

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The issue of abortion has elicited one of the most heated debates in U.S history. On one side of the debate, there are those who support the legalization of abortion while on the other side there are those who support the outlawing of the same. The anti-abortionists claim that abortion is one of the most horrible things that a mother can perform against the dignity of humanity. There is no woman who has the right to take out the life of a child. This is why many nations around the globe have banned abortion. In our country, numerous institutions have been pushing for the enactment of legislation meant to ensure that the practice is outlawed. By looking at the arguments pushed by those supporting the abortion debate, one does not fail to see that their arguments are baseless and easy to refute.


By legalizing abortion, we set the stage for the murder of innocent infants. It is clear that most of those who carry out abortions are teenagers who have engaged in irresponsible behavior and got themselves pregnant. In an act of hiding the shame that comes with an unwanted pregnancy, these young people end up procuring abortion since to them it is the only plausible way out. Although procuring an abortion might cause one to lead a comfortable life after the act, it is prudent for us to pause and think of the numerous children that are killed during the act. The problem with many people in society is that they do not view unborn babies as living human beings.

This, therefore, makes many of them view the act as right. However, society needs to understand that life begins at conception and that procuring an abortion is simply killing an innocent child. Therefore, legalizing abortion not only gives leeway for the murder of innocent babies but also sets the stage for people to continue engaging in irresponsible behavior something that might increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

The other reason why abortion should not be legalized is that it puts the health of the mother at great risk. The media has been reporting cases of women who died while procuring abortions. An even greater risk is posed by the fact that one might contract blood infection during the process. If the infection is not treated in its early stages, it can cause the death of the mother or even bring about permanent sterility. After an abortion, most women experience a period of depression, which in most cases lasts for a lifetime. It is therefore ironic for women to claim that they are running away from the stress of having an unwanted baby only to experience a more serious problem of lifetime depression after procuring an abortion.

By legalizing abortion, it means that more people will seek to carry out the process. However, making it illegal will ensure that the practice remains minimal. Although there are those people who will still go out to carry the exercise, this number will drastically have reduced. In turn, people will take charge of their lives to avoid falling into the trap of unwanted pregnancies. By doing this, we will have saved the lives of many young women who would otherwise have died while procuring abortions.


Abortion is a heinous crime that destroys the dignity of life. We should all understand that life is sacred and therefore see the need to protect it. Those people who advocate for abortion in society fail to realize that legalizing abortion serves to increase the number of those carrying out the act hence killing more babies that are innocent. Abortion is therefore a crime that should be punishable by law. This will ensure that we protect the life of both the mother and the unborn child.