An Infant at Each Sub Stage of Sensorimotor Development

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In the first stage, I as the infant will use my sucking reflexes to satisfy my need for food. My parents will pay close attention, talk to me and feed me when I require it. During the next stage, I will be able to enhance my sucking techniques and adjust to the nipple of the bottle. As for the parents, they would slowly encourage bottle-feeding since their infant is growing older. It is also necessary to develop other reflexes at this stage. In the third stage, I would be interested in the surroundings during the nutrition process. I would grab some food and throw it on the floor. It would be fascinating to watch food falling. My parents should buy some developmental toys, as they would keep me occupied and develop my motor skills.

During the fourth stage, I as an infant will enhance my crawling and grabbing skills. I can get the desired toy and continue my world exploration. I can play with toys, which have audio in them, as I know now where the noise comes from. Consequently, I would be continuously pressing the buttons. My parents should pay close attention to me and supply me with something new, as it is vital to learn new sounds and characteristics of the objects. In the fifth stage, I will be able to find a possible solution to the problems. I will be able to turn the toy into a suitable position to fit in my crib. In turn, my parents have to encourage my development and provide me with more challenging tasks and toys. In the last stage, I am able to put the different shaped figures in the right boxes at the first attempt. I do not make mistakes with this toy anymore. My parents should encourage my improvement and buy new challenging toys for me.