Aspects of Nursing Informatics

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Nursing informatics is defined as the specialization that combines nursing science with numerous information and analytical sciences. The goal of nursing informatics is to discover, analyze, manage, and transmit data or knowledge into nursing practice (HIMSS, n.d.). Nurses do quantitative or qualitative research to determine the most effective therapies for patients. They may also obtain knowledge through quantitative or qualitative research. Moreover, they use the data they collect to determine how to proceed with patient care. This paper will reflect on the connection between nursing informatics and qualitative and quantitative research.

Nursing research necessitates the use of several tools and resources by researchers throughout the process of conducting a research study, regardless of whether it is qualitative or quantitative. Computer applications are an invaluable resource for the nurse. Beginning from the commencement of an individual or collaborative project through the refining of the concept, selection of approaches, creation of methodologies, data capture, analysis, and dissemination of the findings, one can use informatics to manage the information accumulated throughout the research. Modern research would not be able to achieve the levels of sophistication necessary to uncover and comprehend health and sickness without the power of technology. Researchers will continue to find efficiency and creativity in doing science as new technology and applications emerge, while consumers will experience the effects.

For qualitative studies, nurses can use informatics to capture the information and review it, for instance, recording the interviews or distributing open-ended surveys and reviewing this information to find dependencies. For qualitative studies, nursing informatics and statistical analysis tools allow one to work with large quantities of data, making it possible to find statistically significant findings. In summary, nursing informatics has become essential for qualitative and quantitative research studies.


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