Challenges In Quality and Safety Work in Nursing Homes

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Article Summary

The article under consideration examines the challenges encountered by nursing homes and home care facilities staff in safety and quality of services. Johannessen et al. (2020) focus on investigating perceived contextual factors that impact the performance of both managers and employees and prevent them from performing their duties efficiently. In order to competently address the posed research problem, the authors recruited personnel from two nursing homes and two home care services in Norway (Johannessen et al., 2020). The enlisted organizations were selected on such criteria as size and geographical location. According to Johannessen et al. (2020), the location criterion is attributed to municipalities in Norway having the freedom to assign funds to healthcare organizations and design patient services to fit the needs of the area. Focus group interviews with managers and employees and individual semi-structured interviews were employed to collect relevant data. The results indicated that home care services and assisted living facilities face similar challenges in facilitating organizational change and improving the quality of care. Overall, primary causes are indicated as pressure from the higher management in municipalities, difficulties in allocating funding, lack of resources, and heavy workload.

Relation to the Group Presentation Topic

The selected article entitled Exploring challenges in quality and safety work in nursing homes and home care – a case study as the basis for theory development is crucial for the project under discussion. The article relates to the topic of the project as it focuses on examining external and internal factors that impact the safety and quality of work in nursing homes and services providing home-based care to patients. Specifically, it emphasizes that different municipalities and regions may have different approaches to funding such facilities and services, leading to financial disparity among them. Furthermore, the article by Johannessen et al. (2020) informs the project by highlighting the impact contextual factors may have on performance in assisted living facilities. In particular, the work of managers is central to the article, with the authors stating that a significant number of challenges arise due to poor negotiations with higher management (Johannessen et al., 2020). Thus, the research informs the project on safety and quality of work by stressing the role of management and their navigation of the existing regulations of the functioning of nursing homes and home care services.


Johannessen, T., Ree, E., Aase, I., Bal, R., & Wiig, S. (2020). Exploring challenges in quality and safety work in nursing homes and home care – a case study as the basis for theory development. BMC Health Services Research, 20(1), 1–12.