Challenges in the Multigenerational Nursing Workforce

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It is advisable that the nurses should demeanor generational inventory of their working units. They should look at a team that considers generational mix, generational issues, and age profile. This is quite important for it helps to lock out the gaps that would be created by the aging staff. The employees should be respected and be given a chance to work with the same work expectations, procedures, and organizational policies so that they can be satisfied with their work. The generational differences of the employees should also be highly considered together with their needs. Accommodating all the generational differences is the most challenging in the multigenerational workforce creation.

Across the generational domain, there are very many differences that make coaching and motivating difficult. The difference in the manner of handling matters depends on the differences in orientation. There are a lot of communication problems that are arising due to the increased age gap making young professionals have phobia in their workplace. Leadership challenges are one of the greatest challenges of the times which have been experienced in many sectors including the nursing sector. This is motivated by the fact that many young professionals portray good leadership skills which makes their elder counterparts feel undermined.

The other great challenge is generational cohorts which is a mentality people have that people define experience with their age groups. People ought to demonstrate their skills but not expect to be elevated according to age. A collective age and history should not define the personal profiles of the workers, but their abilities should. The nurses should learn to view the generational gaps with a different lens. This will enable them to develop flexible leadership skills which will enhance productivity and quality. This will work to enable them to reduce conflicts and maximize the staff contributions.