Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care

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Education is crucial for all career people in practicing their professions. This does not exclude the nurses for they are career individuals. The education for the nurses is offered through the nurse’s educators who ought to be trained clinicians and offer the education in an academic and clinical setting.

Nurses are servants of human lives in that they deal solely with the human body and life. Education from the very first stage of their course and prior knowledge of the human body and its operations is very important. Nurses, therefore, ought to get knowledge and information on the operations and functions of the human body education is vital. The nurses should understand this in the normal language and even in finer detail.

Having in mind that there is a lot of technological changes which are affecting the health care systems and emphasis on health promotion they ought to be prepared through class education and professional physical practice. The above-named vital issues indicate that the preparation of nurses in class work is becoming more complex. This should even alert the nurses to be more specific in their training. Nurses’ education helps them to develop more extensive knowledge. For example, a nurse’s manager must know accounting and strategic planning. They are trained on how to confront money issues.

In any basis of preparation, it begins at the university level, which has a lot that changes the education of future nurses. In their foundation, they should consider a solid basis of sciences as a good foundation. They should also have comprehensive courses which should a psychosocial, communication, and analytical skills. In high education, they are also introduced to health laws and regulations to help them maintain ethics. In their internship, they can develop problem-solving skills and the dynamic that reinforce the academic information.