Clinical and Business Solutions For Hospital Improvement

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Implementations and changes that are oriented toward hospital improvement play a critical role in maximizing positive outcomes for patients. In this context, effective clinical and business solutions need to be proposed and realized to improve the quality of provided care. The improvement of patient outcomes along with the improvement of the overall experience for individuals in hospitals is associated with the implementation of effective clinical solutions. They usually include the realization of strategies that are developed to improve standard approaches to caring and medical services. Examples also include the implementation of procedures to reduce patient falls or changes in post-operative procedures according to the best practices and evidence (Austin & Wetle, 2017). These solutions and implementations are usually clinically oriented, they require changes in practice, but they can be challenged because of the staff’s resistance. However, these changes can directly improve patients’ experiences and the quality of their health and life.

The other group of solutions is related to business processes in hospitals, and these changes can lead to improvements associated with the reduction in costs, possible optimization of payments and insurance use for patients. Business solutions influence how hospitals will operate and what groups of patients they can successfully serve. From this point of view, the main goal of business decisions and changes is to improve the financial performance of hospitals and make offered services more affordable to patients if it is possible (Austin & Wetle, 2017). In this case, it is probable to achieve improvements in care if reductions in costs are observed. It is necessary to state that changes in healthcare facilities that are oriented toward improvements are important to be realized regularly to address community needs.


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