Clinical Care Extender’s Assertiveness and Self-Sufficiency

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Having realized the crucial duties required of a person in patient care, I do realize that it might involve a strenuous schedule and discipline because timely care and disciplined doses of medicine have no parallel in patient care. I am a budding youth with dreams in my eyes, lots of hope, and determination to do something for society in general, for my parents & family, and for myself in particular. In the long run, I’d like to be known as a person who can make a terminal patient forget about his pain and agony even during his last days.

Marcus T. said, “You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself.” Therefore, understanding own strengths and weaknesses and valuing oneself becomes very crucial for the person to be valued by others. This doesn’t mean being arrogant and aggressive in approach by being overly proud of one’s strengths or being extremely shy or defensive for one’s weaknesses. What it implies is, one should be able to improvise on the weaknesses while utilizing the strengths for the welfare of the society. Therefore, value education teaches us to further strengthen our qualities.

Being compassionate about others’ difficulties and problems not only makes an individual more acceptable amongst society and at the workplace, but it also helps in realizing his/ her own ambitions. I believe that compassion as a valuable trait must therefore be practiced by the individual as a solemn duty and not solely as an act of pleasing others. I am confident that the values and ethics that I have learned from my parents and family will provide me enough strength to deal with difficult and often unpleasant circumstances.

Modern means of communication like the internet, mobile telephony, online medication coupled with modern diagnostic techniques provide much more accurate and detailed status about the health of the patient. Such information on the one hand provides better medication facilities, while on the other hand the person’s responsibility for patient care is supposed to monitor a range of symptoms regularly. Having familiarity with this equipment and techniques is, therefore, an asset in patient care. Under emergency circumstances, interpreting the patient health and accordingly informing the doctors and others around to take necessary action helps in saving lives and gives a feeling of being of ‘some use’ to the society.