Community Health Nursing & Evidence-Based Practice

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In this paper, the role of nurses in improving community health nursing has been identified. The various methods that nurses can apply to achieve the desired outcome and results have been discussed in details. These methods can be implemented in the current study that aims improving the health of the ensure community through the implementation of proper nursing practices. As a result therefore, nurses need to use a mix of evidence based practice, research utilization and quality improvement in order to guarantee quality healthcare of their patient. This ensures that their patients recover at a faster rate. this will result to high level of health standards within the community.


Health is a basic human right to every member of a society regardless of age, sex, race, ethnicity or background. Every individual in the society has the right to get quality healthcare services. This ensures that all the members of the community are living healthy lives that are free from diseases that may pose danger to their health. Nurses play a critical role to ensure that this goal is achieved. They work hard, stick to their professional ethics and are involved in a number of studies and research to ensure that all members of the society receive quality health care. This is the basis of community health nursing.

It is the role of nurses to provide quality care and treatment to their patient to ensure that their recovery is better and quick. These roles fall in the hands of the nurses because they are the ones who are in direct contact with their patients. To achieve these goals, nurses combine a mixture of strategies. This includes evidence based practice, research utilization and quality improvement. Through evidence-based practice, nurses use valid and reliable practices that have been used to successfully treat the same condition previously. Consequently, nurses utilize the research that has been conducted in the nursing discipline to come up with remedies of the predicament that the patient is suffering from. Finally, nurses use the quality improvement techniques to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of healthcare. At the same time, the practitioners in the health industry need to have high level of knowledge and skills that will assist them to identify, diagnose and treat a variety of diseases.

To gather all the information required for the study, a lot of study and research was conducted. At the same, the strategies that will be used to conduct the research and the evaluation methods have been successful in other studies. This therefore increases the chances of the present study being successful. Through proper research and training, nurse will have more experience and exposure on dealing with a variety of patient who have different conditions. This will ensure that they are able to diagnose and treat diseases that may be affecting the public.


Nurses play a critical role to ensure that the health of the community is maintained according to the expected standards. Due to this fact, they are engaged in tedious activities and exercises that aim at utilizing the available knowledge and information to provide high quality health care to their patients. At the same time, nurses must also be innovative and come up with new methods and ideas that can be used to improve the health of all members if the community.

To ensure that the programme will be sustainable in the present times and in future, a number of improvements need to be made on community health nursing. First, a lot of research has to be conducted to ensure that the methods or practices that are being applied in the study are effective and efficient. The practitioners that will be involved in the study should also be professionals and experienced in their respective fields to ensure that the expected results of the study are attained. In doing so, the overall health of the community will improve.