The Relationship that Exists between Healthcare and Education

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The article explains the relationship that exists between healthcare and education. The whole process of health care requires constant learning and teaching for the purposes of enhancing and developing appropriate skills. The method used to generate data in this research was both flexible and very sensitive to the area where data was collected. Qualitative research seeks to critically analyze issues that are very significant in identification of research problem, development of the tentative answers to the formed theories and development of good concepts that are applicable. Qualitative research method also aims at developing concepts from the analyzed healthcare data and ultimately link them to appropriate theories.

The major method adopted in this research was the use of in-depth interviews. Focus groups were used before conducting the in-depth interviews to help in enhancing one another’s thinking. The data from all the interactions was electronically recorded and then transcribed by trained technician following the prescribed method. The research reveals that issues concerning pedagogical processes are usually not keenly followed by most practitioners.

They are required to read, give clear procedures and finally provide learning support. Most staff members read situations, give procedures to be followed but often fails to plan due to lack of set objectives, hence no evaluation takes place. On discussions the findings in this research shows the importance of teaching, learning and providing guidance within healthcare. The training part of nursing on pedagogical aspects on particular knowledge areas leads to enhancement of skills.


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