Continuous Quality Improvement in Nursing

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While every occupation should be driven by the fact that there is always room for improvement, this idea is significantly more relevant to the field of health care. When thinking of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), many people perceive this phenomenon as something that solely describes innovative approaches to physical patient treatment. In reality, however, the notion of CQI encompasses a wide variety of initiatives that contribute to meeting organizational outcomes (Grand Canyon University, 2018). As a nurse case manager, I truly understand the significance of CQI, as I have dealt with a number of patients over a long time. It is always possible to spot the differences patients illustrate when coming for a check-up.

Thus, the patients who spend a considerable amount of time on the hospital premises are looking for meaningful communication and support from the nurses. In order to make them feel better, nurse case managers are to secure meaningful communication techniques as well as interventions to ease their experience. One of the ways to secure such outcomes is to accumulate and review data on patients in order to obtain a better perspective on the struggles or concerns that occur repeatedly among people (Kapetanovic, 2019). For example, nurse case managers frequently work with patients who have chronic diseases. Over time, chronic patients feel extremely stressed out and frustrated by the thought of going back to the hospital. Thus, in order to ensure a better quality of service, a nurse case manager may analyze scholarly evidence on the matter of digital and online communication solutions as alternatives to routine physical check-ups. Hence, nurse case managers, as well as other nursing professionals, cannot secure meaningful healthcare service if they do not think of ways to improve their clinical practice.


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