Effective Communication With Nursing Audience

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I agree that the essential characteristic of effective communication is the positive involvement of the targeted audience. However, the techniques chosen for establishing the communication process are different, and it is often challenging to determine the most efficient one in each particular case. For instance, Shonhe (2017) states that communication and information dissemination have significantly changed in recent years due to technological advancement, affecting people’s lives and organizations’ daily activities. Health care centers and their workers, including nurses, are not an exception. Therefore, presentations to professional organizations can be an effective method, but it is significantly limited as only a particular number of people can be gathered. For instance, social media as a dissemination technique can be more appropriate for delivering information to groups of people (Shonhe, 2017). There is a chance that a broader view of the technologies available in the current world might help find an effective way to present information to a broader audience with a high level of positive involvement.

Furthermore, communication is an essential part of nurses’ work, meaning that professional nurses should have exceptional skills in that field. According to Chate & Courtenay (2019), practical communication skills lie in the heart of community nursing. Nurses must understand the patient’s condition, which is often only achievable through a thorough conversation. That applies to nurses and other health care specialists, so when it comes to the health care audience, we should consider their professional capabilities. In other words, nursing specialists are more susceptible to information because the knowledge of how to work with it is a part of their professional activity. Therefore, applying various dissemination techniques is available since there is almost no risk of unsuccessful information delivery.


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