More Choices of Food for Residents With Dementia

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Normally, people suffering from dementia have a problem with their brain function. This is due to degeneration of the brain caused by various conditions. These people are often agitated due to frustration caused by their forgetfulness. They often forget to eat or drink and even have a problem with swallowing, which affects their health.

Giving them a variety of food increases their chance of identifying a favorite meal, thus cooperating and eventually improving their feeding habits and consequently their weight. In addition, giving the residents a chance to choose their food and feeding area improves the relationship between them and the caregivers and meets the unique needs of each resident. This approach of targeting to meet the unique needs of each resident is a shift from the former approaches, which were paternalistic and medical in nature. This new approach lays emphasis on the individual as a whole and their unique needs.

These two issues are very important to this profession. This is because caregivers of people with dementia have a challenge making them cooperate and since these two issues aim at catering to the unique needs of each resident and reducing their agitation, they will ease taking care of these people. In addition, these two key issues will help me as a caregiver. Since a key challenging part of taking care of people with dementia is feeding, which is a basic need, giving them a variety of foods and a chance to choose where to take their meals will improve their appetite and eventually improve their weight, thus making work easier for other caregivers and me.