DNP & Ph.D Program in Nursing: Admission Application

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Personal philosophy of nursing

My philosophy on nursing is centered around the belief that all healthcare institutions, whether public or private, need to focus on client-centered care as the primary basis of their operations. Taking such a belief and attributing it to the healthcare system as a whole through the implementation of more flexible and extensive knowledge-based systems and procedures is my goal and one which I am working fervently to achieve.

The vision of Advancing the Nursing Profession

Should I be accepted into the program I will be able to make significant contributions to the nursing profession through the development of my leadership capabilities resulting in better healthcare practices, continuous learning which would enable me to address a wide assortment of challenges and finally contributions to the academia through professional and progressive research.

Desired Area of Specialization

In line with my philosophy of nursing is my desire to implement the needed reforms and changes within the healthcare system today. It is based on this desire that my specialization will focus on public health and how through the implementation of informed choices and organized efforts better healthcare practices can be established for not only public and private institutions but society as a whole as well. This is the reason why the DNP/Ph.D. program is so important to me since it specifically states that it prepares individuals to “formulate and employ culturally competent practices as a response to health disparities and identified needs”.

Addressing such issues are one of the duties of a public health official and as such by applying the lessons I learn from the DNP/Ph.D. program I will be able to implement new health care policies and frame my decision from an ethical and scholarly research-based perspective which would result in the promotion of health equities as well as improved healthcare systems. The knowledge I possess at the present is insufficient to be a truly effective public health official, especially when taking into consideration my lack of leadership training. As such by devoting myself to not only the academic aspects of this program but its leadership courses as well I will be able to develop myself into a knowledgeable and above all proficient leader that will be able to resolve the daunting challenges that this area of specialization possesses.

The vision of desired outcomes in participating in the DNP/Ph.D. program

Should I be accepted into the DNP/Ph.D. program my vision is to acquire the needed skill sets to become an agent of change within my profession through extensive research and clinical leadership. Through the leadership development aspect of this program, I will be able to learn how to properly apply the needed procedures and practices required to enhance already existing programs within the context of public health. This means resolving problems related to health care disparities, lean practices to conserve clinical resources, enhancing programs that take into account cultural nuances to prevent complications in care, and finally applying an effective means of identification regarding proper health policy decision making to ensure that policies are in line with proper ethical and moral practices.

Furthermore, through the guidance of the various course professors, it is anticipated that I will be able to make significant progress in various areas of clinical research that may yield progressive practices or concepts that I could apply in public health projects resulting in better patient care or clinical practices. This, alongside other aspects of the course I will be able to internalize, should result in me being able to become an effective leader in the public health landscape enabling me to better implement changes that would result in more effective and efficient health care systems for all social classes.

Personal attributes that one must contribute to accomplish the program

Throughout my nursing career, I have always been self-directed in that if I see a problem that can be resolved with my current level of expertise I immediately act to ensure the care and well-being of my patient. I believe that complications can occur through inaction which could otherwise have been prevented if the nurse on duty at the time had just shown the proper initiative. It is this characteristic of self-directed action in the face of constantly challenging situations that I believe shows my potential as a candidate for the DNP/Ph.D. program.

Whether taking care of a patient or advancing one’s knowledge in their prospective field of study I believe that it is always necessary to take things one step further. When examining a patient’s medical history I do not merely read the chart and determine what procedures can be done at the time rather I research what possible complications may occur during treatment based on their condition and ensure that the proper contingency measures are in place.

I would apply this same practice in completing the DNP/Ph.D. program wherein mere rote learning isn’t enough rather I would do independent in-depth examinations of text and various cases when necessary to truly understand what is being taught and utilize such lessons in a form of practical application. Aside from being self-directed, I am also self-motivated in that I do not need to be encouraged to finish assignments, do independent research, or other such tasks necessary to complete the program rather I have always sought to finish what I have started and it is this characteristic that I believe will enable me to see this program till the end.

When it comes to accomplishing any goal set before me I do so with single-minded determination and it is this attribute that I bring to the program which I hope distinguishes me as a candidate that will neither drop out in the middle nor show sub-par academic performance.

Perceived challenges within this type of online DNP/Ph.D. program

As an integrated degree program I expect the content will not only be rigorous in terms of the sheer amount of text that will be assigned to be read but I anticipate that aspects related to case analysis, critical thinking, and the development of an extensive knowledge base on proper leadership guidelines, procedures, and health policies should prove to be quite challenging. Not only that, due to the online learning aspect of this program there will assuredly be additional challenges involving how certain aspects of the curriculum will be that much more difficult to understand due to the lack of direct supervision from a professor.

However, despite such challenges, I believe that I have the skillset, experience as well as the necessary mindset to not only overcome these challenges but excel in whatever lessons, assignments, and projects that may come my way.