Healthcare Access in the U.S.

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Health is, by all means, one of the major constituents of human life that should be treated with carefulness and respect. Although every human being is federally allowed to be provided with healthcare support, access to this system has now become purely individual. Various medical services across the US are now offering people health insurance just as salespeople offer potential consumers different goods. The risk of not having enough money for quality medical support is now a threat not only to immigrants, but to the native American residents as well (Bodenheimer & Grumbach, 2016). Even if it sounds daunting, such access has both positive and negative aspects.

Speaking of the drawbacks, there are now millions of people who cannot receive proper medical support due to financial hardships. The current healthcare system has turned into a marketing tool aimed at selling insurance for the most appropriate price. However, such a strategy failed due to the fact that the price for this product is based on the average Americans’ income without paying enough attention to the middle class. Hence, people now have to fall into debt in order to live without fear of not having enough money to take proper care of their family’s health. The subject of healthcare is quite ambiguous in terms of its purpose and value.

On the one hand, access to healthcare may become an investment for the development of the overall country’s healthcare system. On the other hand, some people require from the government more financial support than they are able to provide. However, when it comes to the notion of health, it is complicated to define people’s position in the system, as it deals with an invaluable aspect of human existence.

The positive aspects, however, presuppose that direct connection of financial security and the quality of healthcare is a fair way of compensating people’s effort. The lack of insurance does not imply the absolute absence of healthcare. In my opinion, it provides people with the opportunity to obtain a high level of motivation to be rewarded for their work. For this reason, well-to-do American residents are allowed to deal with their finances and insurance according to their wishes as it is one of the core concepts of capitalism in American society. Moreover, they have the right to choose how exactly the money devoted to healthcare should be spent without any objections from other residents.


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