How Education by Leaders Affects Nurses Directly

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The observations made over the years of working as a nurse demonstrate that, in most cases, the principles of compassion and empathy encourage nurses to always prioritize the patient’s needs. Although such a position is, by all means, justified by the specifics of the profession and morality, nurses tend to overlook the effect their self-neglect has on patient outcomes and relationships within the team. For this reason, the topic chosen for the evidence-based project is connected to leadership and, more specifically, how education by the leaders affects nurses directly and not solely the patients.

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Currently, the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) in the workplace is one of the major concerns for nursing leaders. However, instead of focusing only on patient outcomes, EBP now addresses many ideas on how to take better care of nurses’ physical and emotional well-being. For example, a clinical trial by Ploukou and Panagopoulou (2018) demonstrates how one-hour weekly music classes tend to reduce stress levels among oncology nurses. Another study indicates the benefits of mindfulness practices on the general nurses’ well-being (Penque, 2019). However, when faced with a routine job in a general hospital, few nursing leaders dedicate enough attention to educating nurses to research the relevant practices to address burnout and fatigue and advocate for their well-being in the workplace.

For this reason, the intervention for the project is the implementation of training on EBP research related to improving the working lives of nurses and how this training affects the nurses’ state of well-being. The primary goal of the project is to examine how training nurses on finding relevant well-being practices affects the actual well-being of nurses. Moreover, it is necessary to define whether they are willing to implement the findings or present new ideas to the administration.


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