Human-Computer Interaction in Health Care

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How important is it to involve users and in what aspect(s) of the design or what stage of the selection process would you seek their involvement?

Potential users of computers in a health care facility setting should be involved in all decisions regarding the introduction of computers in their workplace (Jacko, 2011). For example, they may help determine specifications for the machines to be selected.

This contributes to selecting the best computers fit to carry out the specified roles. These users may include record keepers and other professionals in health care facilities. For example, doctors may be requested to comment on the idea of introducing a computerized system for the diagnosis of diseases. Since they have the necessary expertise to analyze their effectiveness, they may be in a position to advise the management accordingly.

Users should be involved in determining the required specifications of computers to be purchased by the management (Jacko and Stephanidis, 2003). They may be helpful to management in giving the advantages of such computers over the manual ways of conducting their duties. They may be involved in a stage where the management needs to know exactly what may be required by the facility. Users are the best fit to advise on this since they are on the ground hence can identify the needs. Therefore, management should not ignore their stake in selecting computers for the facility.

Besides, what methods would you use to employ their help?

The best method to apply users’ help is by conducting oral interviews to hear their side of the story. Then the information obtained from the users should be given to the management for further discussion and approval. One may also decide to issue questionnaires to target users and request them to respond to the questions. This may enable them to genuinely respond and comment on the proposed project.


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