Bipolar Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

In this paper, it is preliminarily asserted that, over recent times, there have been several debates regarding the intricacies of bipolar disorder (also called manic depressive disorder). It is further stated that, to a great extent, immense progress has been made in terms of treating this order. However, there are still several other issues that are yet to be solved regarding bipolar disorder. It is based on this reason that this paper seeks to bring shed light on various aspects of bipolar disorder..

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In essence, the author states that bipolar disorder is a severe brain illness that is believed to affect all genders as well as both young and old people even though most studies indicate that the illness is most common in children. Just like most existing literature, the paper says that the disorder is mostly exhibited by mood swings and a random mixture of feelings of happiness, excitement, depression, and sorrow than usual (Anglada, 2009). Other common symptoms of the disease given in the paper include feelings of worthlessness and sadness, anxiety, and high-stress levels.

In this paper, McClure (2012) is reported stating that bipolar disorder can be caused by several different factors. For example, illness can be a result of genetic influences. In extreme conditions, the writer says that victims of bipolar disorder can even be suicidal. Based on such reasons, great care should be taken to bipolar disorder patients.

As glimpsed above, it can be said in summary that the paper has gone a great length in highlighting various key aspects of bipolar disease including its causes and effects. However, the paper has mostly focused on showing the nature of the disease while giving a few recommendations on how the disorder can be combated or managed. If more options for handling the disorder would have been given, the paper would have been greatly balanced. Nonetheless, overall, several important aspects of bipolar disorder have been given by the writer, which is greatly commendable.

ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

In spite of having been noticed early in the 19th century by scholars such as Heinrich Hoffman, this paper reports Chandler (2010) saying that the prevalence of ADHD in the world today is yet to be curbed. In essence, ADHD is most common among children. To support this, DuPaul and Kern (2011) are reported saying that ADHD affects between 5 and 10% of youths today. Even more worryingly, the paper reports that ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed childhood psychiatric disorder in America. It is based on such perturbing reports that the writer opines that urgent measures have to be put in place to manage this illness.

Other than genetic causes, which account for the majority of ADHD patients; the writer asserts that some scholars attribute the increased prevalence of ADHD to environmental and lifestyle changes in today’s society. For example, the paper says that Timimi (2009) looks at our overall culture including diet and nutrition; family structure and lifestyle; change in lifestyle of children; changes in the education system; and childhood abuse as common factors for the increasing diagnoses of ADHD in America.

Even more importantly, the writer articulates that Diagnosing ADHD is complicated based on the many different symptoms exhibited by its patients. Also, this is based on the fact that the exact cause of ADHD is still not known. Once the illness has been diagnosed, the writer says that it is crucial that urgent medical help is sought.

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Some of the common interventions for ADHD highlighted in the paper include behavior interventions, therapeutic solutions, dietary adjustments, and the use of some medications such as drugs and injections. However, encouraging a positive attitude in ADHD patients is considered by the writer as the best intervention. Moreover, ADHD patients need a lot of support from the people around them. For this reason, the writer calls for parents, teachers, and the friends of ADHD patients to strive in offering the required immense support.

In summary, it can be said that this paper is greatly balanced since most aspects of ADHD are articulated in equal measure. In addition, the author goes ahead to give invaluable personal assertions on how this disease can be managed. This will go a long way in laying a firm background on which future researches can be conducted.


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