Importance of Culturally Sensitive Healthcare

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Culturally centered and culturally sensitive approaches to healthcare

The culturally sensitive health care approaches are the approaches that involve responsiveness to groups of people of the same ethnicity, nationality, or religion, as well as their circumstances. Alternatively, a culturally sensitive health care approach is the approach that is focused on the delivery of health care that caters to patients’ needs and their expectations (Brooks et al., 2019). The culturally centered health approach is the approach that analyzes and interprets experiences of minority communities from a methodological and theoretical perspective. Such health approach formulates the appropriate actions through dialogic engagement, which helps with the satisfaction of needs of an “increasingly diverse patient population” (Tucker et al., 2017). Thus, the purpose of this health approach is to identify how community members conceptualize meanings of health.

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Hence, while cultural sensitivity focuses on developing an understanding of the differences between cultures and the importance of words, actions, gestures, and body language when cultivating relationships, the culture-centered approach is based upon the commitment to building theories and applications from within the culture.

Culturally centered model of health communication

While a culturally sensitive model is focused on the most appropriate delivery of health care to a specific group of people, a culturally centered model is based on an analysis of the group’s behavior and applications of the theories. In the video, physician Joseph Ravenell asserts that black men refuse to communicate with health care providers due to mistrust and fear and, as a result, struggle with high blood pressure. This is where the need for a culturally centered model of health communication arises. Since there is no way of communication with black men and health care, analysis and resolutions must be made.

The project Brotherhood represents such a model focused on analysis and interpretation of black men’s behaviors. This project provides “tailored care,” which involves rewarding black men for needed healthcare with barbershop services (Ravenell, 2016). In the video, Ravenell claims that the health of a black man is correlated with their looks. By providing black community representatives with barbershop and healthcare services, providers let them know that they value their looks as much as their feelings.

Hence, by analyzing and interpreting behavior and views of black men, project Brotherhood was able to conclude that to prevent deaths from high blood pressure among black men, a place of connection, loyalty, and trust must be set. By creating a friendly atmosphere rather than a hostile psychological environment, black men will willingly communicate with healthcare providers.


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