Risks and Benefits of Food Additives

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Food additives are mainly added to food to either enhance flavors or appearances. Owing to the fact that most additives are made through industrial processes, there are concerns when it comes to their safety. It is for this reason that the FD &C Act was enacted to ensure that all food additives pose minimal risks to human health. Food additives are assessed according to the degree of risk they pose. In addition, it is stipulated that all food additive packaging be indicative of all the risks and benefits of a particular additive. Food additives are wide-ranged, and they include substances like salt and sugar.

Additives’ level of toxicity to both animals and humans must be accessed according to FDA regulations. Food additives are usually beneficial only when they are ingested in small doses. These benefits usually outweigh the risks. Therefore, the way to make food additives beneficial is by minimizing the risks they possess. Here are examples of popular food additives, their risks, and their benefits. Algin is a compound extracted from algae and used as a food additive. It is usually used with products like milkshakes and ice cream. The main benefit of this food additive is to make sure that these products are thicker and creamier. It also extends their shelf-life. There are no known risks that are associated with this additive.

Aspartame is another chemical that is used as a food additive. This popular additive is usually used in products such as chewing gum, beverages, pudding, and yogurt. Its main benefit is that it acts as a low-calorie sweetener. There are people who are allergic to this additive. These people usually suffer from migraines as a result of consuming this additive. Another additive is saccharin. This is a non-nutritive sugar soluble in the form of water-soluble. It is usually used in fruit juices, canned fruits, carbonated beverages, and jellies. Its main benefit is that it acts as a sweetener to these products. It is known to pose the risk of cancer to those using it.