Specific Type of Tort Action in the Health Care Arena

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Tort reform in the health arena came into effect at the time of Bush’s reign, and the word tort means that a person, who is a victim of a civil wrong, can legally go for the redress from whom he has caused damage to. A specific type of tort action would arise in the health care of the United States, and it will include changes such as “(A) Allows for the resolution of disputes over injuries allegedly caused by health care providers or health care organizations, and B) Promotes a reduction of health care errors by encouraging the collection and analysis of patient safety data related to disputes by organizations that engage in efforts to improve patient safety and the quality of health care.”

The tort reform could bring success in many hospitals where they have used the medical liability savings to improve patient care by opening satellite clinics and installing the electronic medical system. “Tort reform will not only increase patient access to life-saving medical specialties such as obstetrics, trauma surgery, and neurosurgery, and it will save between $60 and $80 billion each year without restricting access to care.”

The main impacts of the tort reform are decreased frivolous lawsuits against doctors, a decrease in the cost of insurance, and improvement in health care delivery. Tort reform was very relevant in the American health arena because. “Frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits already cost Americans billions of dollars annually.” One of the major merits of the tort reform is that it would reduce abusive lawsuits that drive up costs and limit access to doctors.