The Most Significant Global Health Policy Issue

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As a starting point, it can be argued that the most significant global health policy issue is the high instance of nutritional diseases, which have endlessly affected many people globally, especially with the take-up of a modern sedentary lifestyle. In this case, undernourishment is a disproportion or insufficiency of nutrients, which can be as a result of the consumption of inadequate healthy foods or the utilization of the required chemical compounds through modern activities. According to the WHO, undernourishment is the greatest single risk to the world’s public health; as from the same statistics, 62 million people worldwide die each year from nutritional diseases.

Based on these statistics, these nutritional diseases include “obesity; diabetes type 1 and II, cardiovascular complications, stroke and cancer among others”. Further, it can be argued that nutritional diseases have raised a felt concern to global health organizations.

In this perspective, therefore, the most significant global health policy is the extinction of HIV/AIDS among the nation’s populations. Perhaps, this policy is very significant to nutrition as it has been revealed that the adversity of HIV/AIDS is directly linked to nutrition. On this basis, therefore, the extinction of the HIV/AIDS pandemic among the nations which are affected by nutritional deficiencies would help reduce the number of deaths occurring from HIV/AIDS as a result of poor dietary patterns. Generally, it has been revealed that the extinction of HIV/AIDS among nations would reduce the adverse effects in economies, therefore investing in curbing poor nutrition among the nations’ people globally, which will reduce the high number of deaths resulting from malnutrition.