The Dangers of Obesity: Speech Outline

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  • Speech Title: The Dangers of Obesity.
  • General Purpose: To emphasize the dangers of obesity in decreasing the quality of life.
  • Specific Purpose: To highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Thesis Statement: Promoting a healthy lifestyle is the primary way to combat obesity, reducing overall life expectancy due to frequent severe comorbidities.

Speech Outline


  • Attention Step: Obesity has become an epidemic. It is not only dangerous in itself but is also the cause of a dozen ailments that can lead to death.
  • Rationale: It is vital for every person to understand the risks and dangers of obesity to avoid falling victim to this health issue.
  • Credibility: The number of academic resources analyzed by me based on which I formulated my speech.
  • Thesis Statement: The results of my research can be presented in the thesis statement: Promoting a healthy lifestyle is the primary way to combat obesity, reducing overall life expectancy due to frequent severe comorbidities.


  • Main Point 1: Obesity significantly reduces life expectancy by an average of 3-5 years with a slight excess of weight and up to 15 years with severe obesity.
    • Insulin resistance occurs, which eventually leads to diabetes.
    • Mental problems are added to the consequences of obesity, and self-esteem decreases. Patients need the help of a psychotherapist. The whole complex of complications leads to the premature death of obese people.
  • Main Point 2: Obesity can cause type 2 diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea syndrome, and arthrosis.
    • The pathogenesis of these diseases is very closely intertwined with the pathogenesis of obesity (Deedwania & Lavie, 2018).
    • The spine and joints are under increased stress. A kilogram of body weight creates a load on the joints equal to four kilograms. This leads to the destruction and deformation of the joints and the spine. Some pains make movement difficult.
  • Main Point 3: The state should allocate resources to create a program to prevent overweight.
    • Recently, risk factors and risk groups for the development of this disease have been practically identified, but the prevention is still very limited.
    • Promoting a healthy lifestyle can be effectively implemented through media, outdoor advertisements, and healthy public spaces.


  • Restating Thesis: Therefore, the authorities need to promote healthy lifestyles through media and special programs in order to decrease the prevalence of obesity.
  • Summarizing main points: Such dangerous consequences as decreased life expectancy, various illnesses occurrence, and mental problems can result from obesity.
  • Closing Interest: Therefore, the prevention of obesity is one of the fundamental principles of improving our bodies.


Deedwania, P. & Lavie, C. (2018). Dangers and long-term outcomes in metabolically healthy obesity. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 71(17), 1866–1868.