The Thoughts on Goodman’s “Trauma Counseling and Interventions”

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The article by Rachael Goodman exposes many crucial facts regarding professional assistance with mental health issues. After reading the article, I had to rethink my personal experience, as well as my knowledge regarding interventions for traumas. There are critical implications for future research in this field that can be drawn from Goodman’s research. In this paper, I will express my reaction to the article “Trauma Counseling and Interventions” by Rachael Goodman.

It is undeniable that society causes traumas through many aspects, yet it also generates knowledge that assists with dealing with traumatic events. Psychological stressors are well-recognized, and clinicians are prepared to deal with them in accordance with an individual’s needs and views. Pain, losses, and grief are unavoidable parts of humans’ daily existence, yet their impact does not have to decrease one’s quality of life. Nowadays, counselors understand the full complexity of processes triggered by an individual’s mental trauma, which allows them to pinpoint their source and develop personalized methods of dealing with traumatic memories and experiences (Goodman, 2015). I believe that this stage of scientific advancements signifies humanity’s maturity and opens new possibilities for examining an individual’s inner workings. I find Goodman’s explanation of the course of trauma counseling inspiring and I cannot wait for new developments to continue where the author left her presentation.

In conclusion, Goodman presents to the readers a clear view of the direction of trauma counseling, alongside past and current interventions and their impact. Human relationships are inevitably filled with adverse experiences that may produce long-term damage to one’s inner self, yet counselors are able to help deal with such issues. Various therapies that focus on specific traumas continue to evolve, improving the overall well-being of society.


Goodman, R. D. (2015). Trauma counseling and interventions: Introduction to the special issue. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 37(4), 283-294.