Working as a Registered Nurse Within the Public School System in North Carolina

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Summarize intention when seeking employment within local school systems such as (Lee County, NC)

I intend to support student learning by improving the strategies that will establish a healthy and safe environment for both students and staff. This will improve productivity in the education system. The love I have for children and my passion for their well-being makes me willing to interact with them at the High school level. My role as the school nurse will include: coordinating health service programs such as illness and injuries and medication provision. I will also be responsible for the provision of health education to students and staff, recognizing the health and safety concerns in the school environment hence establishing a nurturing environment. While interacting positively with the school caterers, I will offer nutritional guidelines to provide a healthy feeding society and fight obesity. Moreover, I will encourage muscle strength activities physical education activities such as sports and emphasize their importance to students and staff to have a healthy school environment. Provision of health counseling to the teenagers as well as guiding their parents on proper parental behavior to improve parental guidance and care will be the center of my career objectives. Finally, provision of staff wellness to facilitate health education and counseling and thus promoting healthy activities and a safe environment for school staff will be my first obligation.

As the health service expert, I will be responsible for sickness and injuries assessment and interventions. I will also be able to examine kids with special conditions such as anemia, epileptic, or are have asthma. Will also be responsible for activities that campaign against drug abuse, prevent teen pregnancy, STI’s control and management, and administering medications.

Describe the type of place you would like to work such as Elementary, Middle, and High School as a school nurse

According to statistics retrieved from Sanford newspaper, an investigation done on teen pregnancies in 2007 at Lee County was found to have 166 teen pregnancies, 52 of them repeated pregnancies. In 2008, the figure rose to 174, currently, it is still ranked top ten counties with the highest rate of pregnancy. For this reason, I have a calling to fight irresponsible sexual behavior in the county. This is why I want to work as a high school nurse in a mixed high school that lies in Lee County NC. The school preferably should have high school dropout cases due to pregnancies or adolescence influence factors such as drug abuse.

What would you bring to the establishment?

The central point in my service will be to reduce the high rate of teenage pregnancies and eradicate the factors that result in school dropouts. The extra energy that the beautiful and energetic teenagers can be consumed in other beneficial activities, may help in discovering one’s talent. I will guide the school staff on the importance of co-curriculum activities and request them to encourage active participation with the students. This can be done by the provision of theatres where one can practice to perfect them. The school staff shall organize and set apart some time where the teens will be allowed to be involved in activities they like most, be it dancing, ball games, singing, cooking, fashion, and design. With the help of their teachers, they will discuss and be encouraged to open up on issues they face and how the challenges can be resolved.

Moreover, quality management has been neglected in most schools’ sanatoriums. This is about poor record maintenance and equipment management. I would also encourage the use of Personal Health Records, and encourage the use of recent methodologies to reach teenagers such as the use of social media like Twitter and Facebook, where one can anonymously post their health concerns and are advised accordingly, this way a number will benefit from my advice about the same issue.

Pamphlets containing important messages such as AIDs and STDs, Breast Cancer, and Cervical cancer awareness will be made available to students routinely. This activity will be in conjunction with intense counseling. If they will be witnesses available, I will incorporate them during the guidance and counseling session.

Are you dedicated and visionary in the professional field of nursing?

In this profession, three qualities are mandatory: excellent communication, organization, and l management skills. I am adequately experienced and talented in those essential characters. I listen carefully, analyze and speak eloquently when required to give patients advice. I also organize my work, ensuring none has been skipped, knowing the tasks that require an urgent response, and always prepared for such incidences. I am also enthusiastic and a team player and more so a performer, who leads by example and follows orders to the greatest lengths. With those few remarks is I am a dedicated and visionary in my professional precinct.