Can Nurses Play the Role of Policymakers

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Nursing is primarily concerned with medicine and patient care. However, every area of human life is closely intertwined with each other. It follows that a responsible and outstanding nurse can go into politics to control and influence health care with a plan that is relevant to patients. Many politicians are known to be professionals in more than one field simultaneously, allowing them to be objective and competent on several issues.

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Potentially, any nurse can become a political content-maker if he or she has much experience and professionalism. But that alone is not enough; several methods must be used to build credibility, which is also needed to develop political influence (Tracy & O’Gredy, 2018). The first such method is the scientific activities of a nurse. Scientific articles and papers must be not only relevant and contain in-depth analysis but also evidence-based (Tracy & O’Gredy, 2018).

In other words, the specialist must explain each of his or her theses and the result he or she arrived at in the research. Otherwise, without evidence, opponents can quickly destroy the significance of the work (DeNisco, 2019). Another method would be for the professional to cooperate with other nurses to team up. The bottom line is that the voice and agenda of several respected specialists are more straightforward to convey than seeking recognition on one’s own (Zaccadini & Pechacek, 2019). In addition, the nursing team can consider all aspects of the issue at hand and reduce gaps and errors.


To summarize, nursing interacts closely with politics, influencing the medicine and consciousness of both patients and physicians. Nevertheless, this level of authority and recognition requires competency, training, and particular professional accomplishments. Although methods have already been developed to promote nurses into politics, the specialist must actively engage in scholarly activities and spread their influence in the medical milieu.


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