Contributions of Early Nursing Theorists Betty Neuman & Imogene M. King

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The contribution of nursing is invaluable in almost every person’s life, especially those who resort to their help constantly. The main goal of nursing is to provide comfort and well-being conditions for patients and care and supervision of health. Nursing has many theories created for the most effective provision of the patient with everything necessary and a speedy recovery. Two such approaches are those of Betty Neuman and Imogene M. King.

It is important to note that the main idea of Neuman was the interaction of a person with external factors on an individual basis. At the same time, the Imogene M. King model is focused on interpersonal communication between the patient and the nurse. During this communication, the patient exchanges information with the nurse about how exactly the treatment will occur. As an application of both theories, I would like to give an example related to personal observations regarding the behavior of patients when applying each of them. In the first case, when using the Betty Neuman theory, it is essential to note that many patients experience severe stress during an emergency due to their objects (Chitra & Manoranjini, 2019). During emergency care, it is vital to remove all objects that cause obvious irritation to the patient and maintain a neutral environment (Chitra & Manoranjini, 2019). In the second case, during the Imogene M. King theory application, the patient is highly vulnerable, especially during an emergency call. Therefore, interpersonal communication involves specific privacy of the conversation to ensure a further strong connection.

To conclude, all the above is an integral part of nursing, with global implications for human health. Practice changes over time, so the changes that occur in the application of both approaches also affect more effective patient care. In applying the Betty Neuman theory, a more detailed analysis of the situation is increasingly used, and now nurses are more carefully using all the advantages of the approach. The same applies to the theory of Imogene M. King, the primary meaning of which is to work together with the patient. That is why it is so important to monitor the changes in each theory to the maximum and apply only the most effective and latest methods to patients.


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