Covid-19 Vaccines: Position Paper

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Hon. Xavier Becerra,

The Cabinet Secretary-Ministry of Health and Human Service,

200 Independence Ave SW,

Washington DC-20201,

United States.

Dear Hon. Xavier Becerra,

Since the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak in 2019, several measures have been employed to contain the disease. The adoption of social distancing in public places, sanitizers, and the wearing of respiratory masks has immensely reduced the virus spread. Moreover, intensive medical research has resulted in the discovery of vaccines by different companies, whose administration is underway in various parts of the world. In most countries, medical doctors and nurses prioritize vaccination exercise because of the high risk of exposure to the virus while at work. However, several safety concerns have emerged on using some of the vaccines following incidences of death after administration. For example, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine’s temporary ban in various European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, and Ireland, following deaths linked to a blood clot brings the issue of whether the use of the vaccine should continue or stop (Ellyatt, 2021). Considering the above incidences, I am seeking your support in the following:

  • Initiating a universal ban on the use of the vaccine on frontline medical workers.
  • Performance of more research on the vaccine to ascertain its safety in humans.
  • Recall the entire batch of vaccines that might have led to the blood clot.
  • Halting the vaccine’s use in countries with new strains of COVID-19 on which the vaccine was not tested during the development process.

Initiating a global ban on the vaccine’s use is crucial because some of the developing and underdeveloped countries might subject uninformed citizens to the deadly drugs. Moreover, universal measures will also reduce confusion because various states are trying different mitigation systems. Thus, the global rule will ease the comparison of the contents of each vaccine to find the optimal one, which is safe for human life.

Medical workers play a vital role in the containment of pandemics such as COVID-19. The initiation of vaccination programs is essential, but a thorough evaluation of the vaccine’s side effects is critical to minimize the chances of weakening the medical workforce (Ellyatt, 2021). Although part of Europe has temporarily banned the vaccine, continued administration in other countries exposes the population to medical complications if the blood clot is a side effect of the vaccine. It is critical to perform more research because reactions vary amongst individuals necessitating that nurses monitor and keep track of all the patients who have received the jab to gather meaningful information necessary to initiate improvements. Similarly, the vaccine administration’s risks could have resulted from a particular batch due to variations in the manufacturing processes (Ellyatt, 2021). It is necessary to track and recall the specific lot from the markets for further analysis. Finally, immunization should be limited to the particular strains of the virus to achieve positive results. I recommend the formulation of appropriate policies guiding immunization programs and the procedures of addressing medical concerns arising from certain drugs or medical processes.

Respectfully yours,


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Ellyatt, H. (2021). The damage is done’: Europe’s caution over AstraZeneca vaccine could have far-reaching consequences.