Evidence-Based Practice and Its Significance

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) is important to me because it can guide me toward making better choices to enhance patient outcomes. EBP incorporates the best information obtained through concerted and systematic research into decision-making in healthcare (Chiappelli, 2018). I am a dentist, and I am mostly concerned with evidence-based dentistry (EBD) because it is a patient-centered approach that is focused on maximizing patient benefits while minimizing risks and costs (Chiappelli, 2018). I believe EBP can be crucial in ensuring that I provide my patients with high-quality dental care by identifying sufficient solutions from the most satisfactory sources.

I aspire to become one of the foremost specialists in my field and think that EBP can assist me in my pursuits. Leadership in dentistry involves the matters of oral health disparities and access to dental care, and leaders are expected to use evidence in their work (Hermina et al., 2021). EBP requires healthcare professionals to be attentive and dedicated and involves the advancement of knowledge-base, understanding, and health literacy (Chiappelli, 2018). Accordingly, EBP can impact my future role as an emerging leader by encouraging me to continuously develop my skills, be observant of issues in the healthcare system, and be devoted to resolving those problems.

At the beginning of my practice, one of my coworkers had an older patient with a severe case of tooth decay. Since the patient’s treatment took a few days, I spent some time searching for information on how to approach the diagnosis and found several helpful articles. Although the patient was not under my care, I was interested in his situation and later shared my findings with other colleagues, who agreed that my discoveries could be helpful. As a result, I was asked to assist in the patient’s treatment process. I believe that my strengths in that experience were curiosity and the ability to find relevant information. Consequently, my primary learning goals are finding data in a shorter period and becoming more confident in applying my knowledge.


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