Gold Coats Career in Psychiatry

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Explain the concept of professionalism about the “Gold Coats”

“A large part of achieving recognition as a professional has to do with the way that you present yourself to others. It is a mindset that becomes easier to apply as you progress further and becomes an inspiration to others to follow” (“What is Professionalism” par. 2.). The Gold Coats present themselves as the assistants to psychiatrists. Their responsibility is to help to take care of the sentenced who suffer from mental illness. Several important features characterize a person as a true professional: character, attitude, excellence, competency, and conduct (“What is Professionalism” par. 2.). Thus, the Gold Coats display their professionalism by showing commitment to their job; by not being indifferent to the mentally diseased; by possessing the ability to show excellence in what they are doing due to their social networks within the prison, their knowledge of each other, and the inner understanding of the problems; by being competent thanks to their skills to interact with other imprisoned as they often talk the same language; and last but not least by conducting themselves in a manner which supports the trust in the communication with other imprisoned.

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How do the criteria of competence factor into the handling of dementia patients by the Gold Coats?

“Professional competence refers to an individual’s subjective perception on his/her possibilities and abilities to act according to the goals and facility to affect his/her environment” (Paloste 10). Taking into account the definition of professional competence, Gold Coats activity can be characterized as being competent. The scholars argue that professional competence is developed during special training, education, and working life (Paloste 12). We can say that the Gold Coasts are professionally competent for several reasons. First of all, as being sentenced, they have the inner perception of their possibilities and abilities to affect the prison environment and to help other sentences. Secondly, they are specially trained in assisting medical specialists in dementia patients’ treatment.

How does the concept of diligence factor into the treatment that Gold Coats provide to the prisoners?

Diligence is defined as “the constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken” (“Diligence” par. 1). Because the Gold Coats are voluntarily committed to their duties, they are inspired and motivated to help dementia patients. If a person is motivated to do something, they will do it with diligence trying to achieve the best result. Moreover, they are motivated not by money remuneration but rather by the opportunity to be useful and socially active.

What would Benjamin Rush think of this type of treatment of prisoners using the Gold Coast? Would he approve or disapprove?

Benjamin Rush who is considered to be ‘the father of American psychiatry’, probably, approved the Gold Coats practice. The Philadelphia Hospital established by Rush was aimed at providing help to everyone regardless of race, nationality, economic or social status (“History of Pennsylvania Hospital” par.3). The idea of healthcare access equality coincides with the realization of the Gold Coats program in modern prisons. “Dr. Rush felt that the patients should be cared for with compassion and that “mental illness be freed from moral stigma and be treated with medicine rather than moralizing” (“History of Pennsylvania Hospital” par.9). The feeling of compassion is what is vitally necessary for the imprisoned.

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Using the internet what concept of ethics would you relate to the Gold Coats

I would relate the Gold Coats to the concept of Eudaimonia in ethics. Eudaimonia assumes that the desire to achieve happiness is the reason for morality. However, it is not about physical pleasures but rather about the spiritual satisfaction from the right doing and considering virtue as the highest value (Brink 2). The Gold Coats have found their way to happiness even in prison. They are happy by helping others.

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