The Wisconsin Card Sorting Task Test

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Any dysfunction in the frontal and the prefrontal cortex is assessed through numerous methods. One of the methods is the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task dubbed WCST. The Wisconsin Card Sorting Task test is a set-shifting neuropsychological test. Specifically, WCST is used to assess the human executive functioning (Monchi et al., 2001). During the course of action, the individual being assessed is obligated to equate the referencing cards with the assessment cards according to their numeral, outline, shade or any additional spur present on such cards. The person administering the test provides the advice after every test and at the same time permitting the person being tested to settle on the correct classification.

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Once the required number of the matches has been made, the administrator switches to another stimulus. This necessitates that the individuals being assessed again alters to the novel approach of arrangement and get the guidance from the overseer if the modus operandi is appropriately being pursued. Generally, WCST measures, particularly, the cognitive flexibility (Monchi et al., 2001). That is the individual ability to respond to changes when presented with new objectives or goals.


Medical psychologists, neurologists, psychiatric specialist in addition to neuropsychologists apply the assessment to individuals suffering from Neuro-degenerative ailments, attained intellect harm and mind illness. The WCST is ideally drawn on by such clinical officers to assess the frontal lobe functional operations including the prearranged probing, tactical scheduling, exploitation of ecological response, actions bearing to accomplish particular objectives as well as transforming the impulse retort (Banich, 2011). An assortment of cognitive functions such as awareness, image handing out and working remembrance verify the triumphant achievement of the assessment.

Generally the patients with frontal lobe lesion perform poorly at these tests (Banich, 2011). On the whole, those sick people with dorsolateral frontal lobe laceration put in to the utmost fraction of maintenance slip-ups. The topical WCSR cause investigation has publicized that the perseverative slip-ups are the main indispensable upshot measures in appraising the dysfunctional cases of the frontal lobe (Monchi et al., 2001).