“Jogging Is the Best Weapon Against “Obesity Genes” by Rettner

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The analysis is centered around the article Jogging Is the Best Weapon Against ‘Obesity Genes’ by Rachael Rettner (2019). The article muses about the issue of obesity’s connection to the specific genes and counteracting the problem. The author presents recent scientific findings regarding the influence of exercise on obesity gene development. The outcome of the analysis among the Chinese population revealed high results of the jogging training in fighting against genetically predesigned obesity. So, the author uses the results to prove this dominant role of jogging, although the favorability of other physical activities is not denied either.

The research can be identified as a form of academic study since it provides theories on the field of overcoming obesity and recommendations on the best activities. Moreover, it should be considered quantitative research which uses the data measures collected through the survey among Chinese. On the one hand, the results appear as quite assertive and thus, believable, due to the proficient use of modern scientific terminology like the genetic predisposition to obesity. On the other hand, the results may not apply to all populations in general — as the study admits, the survey was focused only on Han Chinese individuals.

In the beginning, the article uses a hypothesis about jogging being the best way to counteract genetically identified obesity, which is proven by the statistical data. One should consider the independent variables as the genetic predisposition to obesity, the types, and frequency of exercises. As such, the dependent variables should be the body mass index (BMI) and other measures (including body fat percentage and waist-hip circumference). For the connection, the author implies using a model which can be found through the reference on the original research. It seems to be a favorable decision since the article is addressed to the general public and should not be complicated by the statistical data abundance.


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