Leadership in Nursing and Experience in the Agency

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I have been working in a small clinic. This non-profit organization supports the health needs of low-income families. The caregivers, nurses, and medical practitioners in the organization embrace the best health practices. I have identified powerful practices and competencies that have the potential to improve the quality of care. I have also observed new leadership approaches. Before starting the course, I did not know much about the role of leadership in nursing. For instance, I believe that managers should lead their nurses in order to offer the best services. I also wanted to gain new competencies in order to become a leader. For example, I expected to learn how nurses should focus on the goals of their leaders. I thought the course would equip me with specific nursing skills.

However, this knowledge has changed after undertaking the course. I have understood why every nurse and caregiver should develop the best leadership philosophy. This philosophy will encourage more nurses to lead others. Nurses should also be effective followers who want to support the health needs of their patients. Nurse Leaders (NLs) should also possess certain traits in order to achieve their potential. They should be “critical thinkers, team players, good communicators, and effective followers.” I have encountered several situations that embody this concept of leadership. Recently I was working in a nursing team. Our leader asked unique questions from us in order to support one of our patients. We always worked together as a team. We also followed the instructions given by the leader. This situation taught me several leadership concepts that can make me a competent practitioner.