American Cancer Society Education and Support

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The American Cancer Society (ACS) has been at the forefront of educating and supporting cancer patients. In this aspect, the ACS has initiated programs that have seen their functions implemented effectively. These programs focus on educating the community on aspects such as cancer prevention, detecting cancer symptoms, and treatment. Society has also invested in cancer research and programs that facilitate educating cancer health care providers.

Since its establishment, the ACS has been saving lives for the past 60 years with the help of volunteer programs comprised of health care providers like nurses and doctors. The ACS programs focus mostly on patients in order to ensure their wellbeing, staying and getting well, proper cancer cure, and observance of cancer policies.

The prevention program educates the patients on the nutritional values that cancer patients require. The nutritional program requires people to give up such habits as smoking and follow a balanced diet. This preventive program also ensures that individuals and potential patients stay active by doing physical exercises and undergoing regular cancer screening. To ensure such information is effective, the ACS has designed a website known as, where information on healthy lifestyles is posted.

The ACS treatment program is focused on cancer research and information on curing cancer. This program has seen the ACS spend more than $3.8 billion to ensure proper cancer treatment for the patients. The ACS has also been instrumental in the passing of cancer laws and policies in the United States. Some of these laws concern tobacco smoking and access to affordable healthcare. In fact, the ACS’s contributions to cancer policies include the passing of free cancer screening among women and middle-aged men.

In this regard, it is of vital importance to extend the ACS services to every community in the United States. This should include free access to cancer treatment and information. It is also recommendable that ACS would be instrumental in the establishment of cancer care and treatment facilities across America. The ACS has enough resources, personnel, and volunteers to take care of patients and help the community overcome cancer. The ACS has resources to train nurses and personnel on screening cancer, or else the organization can facilitate purchasing of cancer screening and treatment pieces of equipment.