Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of a New Fitness Plan

Subject: Healthy Nutrition
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An appropriate fitness plan can aid an individual in easing weight loss. Several fitness plans have been developed. With all these plans, the subjects are encouraged to use more calories than they can consume. Before settling on a specific fitness plan, an individual is advised to adopt specific guidelines that will work best for him or her. In this regard, the guidelines mentioned below should be followed to evaluate the safety and efficiency of a fitness plan.

An effective and safe plan should permit adequate consumption of calories. Adequate calories are required to aid the everyday functioning and nutritional requirements of our bodies. Therefore, an individual should not consume less than 1200 calories in a day. I believe that this guideline is appropriate because failure to adhere to it will result in complications such as nutritional deficiencies and loss of energy. Similarly, an effective and safe fitness plan should have a balanced diet and nutrition. This implies that an appropriate plan should not hold back certain food groups. The plan should contain a variety of food groups that will supply the body with the required calories, nutrients, and vitamins.

Thirdly, the plan should contain reasonable goals and should fit into an individual’s lifestyle. Effective plans have achievable paces of weight loss. I preferred this guideline because reasonable goals will allow individuals to adjust their diet in accordance with their lifestyles. As such, plans that entail complex recipes may discourage individuals and depress adherence. In addition, an effective fitness plan should offer long-term plans. The plan should be able to provide individuals with ways of maintaining their fitness throughout their lives. I believe that an effective and safe plan should focus on encouraging participants to stick to an appropriate diet and increase physical activities for the rest of their lives.