Chain of Events When a Patient Incident Occurs

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My organization is always concerned with every patient incident. This is the case because the facility focuses on the best health outcomes. Patient incidents can produce many challenges that can affect the performance of different healthcare organizations. My health organization uses a powerful strategy whenever a patient incident occurs. The institution has a proper process to deal with such incidences. After every patient incident occurs, the nurse or physician in charge is supposed to notify the relevant Line Manager (LM) immediately. The LM then begins to investigate the incident. The LM should allocate the relevant Severity Assessment Code (SAC) score. The nurse should give the right details about the incident.

The LM in the institution should document everything related to the occurrence. This is usually presented in the Incident Form. The LM ensures that the incident is reported to the patient, his or her family members, and other practitioners. This approach is embraced in our organization in order to formulate a powerful Action Plan. The nature and severity of the patient incident determine the number of departments involved in the Action Plan. For instance, less severe incidents are used to implement the best corrective actions. During the same period, every person is expected to promote the power of communication.

The Quality Assurance and Legal Departments are also involved in every Action Plan. The Legal Department offers the right advice depending on the severity of the patient incident. These two departments work closely with the patient, family, and staff in order to get the best outcomes. The department will eventually defend the institution in court.

Critical patient incidents are usually investigated by individuals who are trained in Root Cause Analysis Methods (RCAMs). The above departments work together in order to identify the best interventions. Such interventions are used to create a powerful recommendation. These departments share their feedback with every individual involved in the targeted patient incident. The eight members of staff and specialists are also enjoined in order to promote the best health practices.

The institution’s members of staff and patients are expected to present accurate information whenever there is a legal case. The organization also makes sure the Incident Report is taken seriously by every nurse. The Quality Assurance Department monitors such Incident Reports (IRs) in order to support the facility’s objectives. According to the hospital’s risk management department supervisor (RMDS), every patient incident is taken seriously. Such occurrences are used to make appropriate decisions and recommendations for future practice.

Every recommendation is taken seriously in order to support the health needs of many patients. The facility’s attorneys are always prepared to cover every nurse practitioner. Nurses are also encouraged to notify the organization whenever they are named in any malpractice lawsuit. The institution also encourages its nurses and physicians to appropriate malpractice insurance carriers. These strategies are undertaken in order to protect every practitioner from potential lawsuits. It is notable that the institution considers the best practices in order to improve the level of patient safety. This practice has made the organization a leading provider of quality health services.