The Most Important Principles of a Healthy Community

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Health depends on many social, biological, psychological, and medical factors. When speaking of community health determinants, social ones play a major role. Suppose a community is characterized by social instability and tension. In that case, various social conflicts and catastrophes occur in it, the social sphere is not developed, there are large-scale exclusions of a person from various spheres of life, and a significant part of the population cannot join a full-fledged social life. All this negatively affects the health of both an individual and a community as a whole.

These circumstances are formed under the influence of the distribution of money, power, and resources at the global, national, and local levels, which, in turn, are influenced by the current policymaking. Besides, one of the main Leading Health Indicators that fall under the category of social determinants of health is community members’ educational level. An increase in education level indirectly affects public health improvement due to an improvement in the quality of life. From a social perspective, good health is an essential incentive for happy family life and successful life in a community. A healthy person is one who has the opportunity for a full-fledged job, a safe life, stable relationships, and healthy behavior. In turn, a healthy community is a group of people involved in communication and support networks. It contributes to the formation of health under the influence of social, cultural, political, economic, commercial, and environmental factors and takes action in this direction to benefit present and future generations.