Meta-Analyses or Systematic Reviews in Healthcare Practice

Subject: Healthcare Research
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Systematic reviews provide an overview of research conducted during health care activities. As such, these reviews aim at synthesizing and identifying evidence on research that has been conducted. Since they are systematically done, it makes it possible to eliminate bias. As a health care reader, the use of systematic reviews requires critical application of their various roles. However, it is important to evaluate their worth on health care practices so that they can be suitably applied. Therefore, systematic reviews will assist in evaluating resources that will be required for members of staff to deliver according to expectations.

It is certain that systematic reviews will enhance expedited compilation of evidence and consequently lead to well-planned diagnosis and treatment of patients bearing in mind that it will be easy to gather evidence from the very patients. Furthermore, I will be capable of directing other members on how to apply various study designs to derive scientific evidence based on research.

Apparently, systematic reviews have a vital role in health care practices. Needless to say, such reviews offer an excellent format on how to update new evidence in research. Moreover, as a group, we are able to make suggestions on the causes, effects of events, and how they interrelate during research programs. As a leader, I am able to integrate vital decisions into healthcare practices. Such decisions can be economical, clinical, or based on health policies.

Nonetheless, the application of systematic review can be communicated to the member through active demonstration during lectures and fieldwork studies. When its application to research practices is demonstrated during brief lectures, they will eventually learn to practice it while on the field. Meanwhile, I expect them to incorporate skills in their healthcare practices. Definitely, this will enable them to increase their efficiencies in conducting research. In this case, this will also help them in implementing data obtained into manageable levels.