Treatment of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections

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The proposed algorithm for addressing the health problems of patients with CLABSI, particularly a patient checklist supplemented by an electronic medical record (EMR), is a justified approach to observing all the required principles of care. The listed advantages of this practice explain the value of utilizing digital tools to record clinical information about each case. In addition to the mentioned benefits, one should pay attention to the financial aspect. According to Wichmann et al. (2018), the continuous use of a patient checklist would save significant costs in the healthcare system by reducing the incidence of infection and applying the resources of intensive care units. Mentioning the difficulties of introducing appropriate digital equipment from the perspective of labor challenges is a valuable note that explains the importance of working with medical personnel and conducting the necessary educational sessions.

The listed obstacles to the successful implementation of EMRs in medical practice are also an essential aspect of analyzing the topic in question. In addition to funding and approval issues, one should pay attention to the hardware functionality. As Scott et al. (2018) state, some EMRs may be ineffective for specific purposes due to “small-scale or low-level integration” (p. 303). Therefore, stimulating the involvement of healthcare personnel in training on working with such digital tools is a valuable practice to implement in the healthcare institution under consideration. At the same time, this is crucial to take into account that an additional cost item will appear, and this factor should be considered when planning the budget. By combining efforts and monitoring subtotals regularly, the team can achieve better results, and digital tools will pay off and improve the outcomes of patients with CLABSI.


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