A SMART Goal of a Healthcare Leader

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The goal will involve personnel within my current healthcare organization. The top management will oversee the execution of the goal. It will aim to build stronger communication frameworks to enhance the quality and safety of care. If better structures of communication were established and followed within the facility, then personnel would communicate more effectively and offer care that would be marked by improved safety and quality.


The goal would be communicated by the top management. All heads of departments within the facility would be requested to explain the importance of implementing the goal to their members. Members of every department would give their views about the proposals, and they would be forwarded to the top management for further discussions. The goal would be executed and monitored to ensure that it produces the desired outcomes.


In order to attain the goal, I would request the management to hire a communications specialist to guide the whole process. It would also benefit greatly from the utilization of specialized equipment like computers that would facilitate communication across departments.


The goal would be realistic and obtainable within the framework of professional nursing that is aimed at offering quality healthcare to patients. Nurses would be encouraged to improve communication with their colleagues, and results in the form of improved safety and care would be realized.


Five weeks would be used to accomplish the project goal. In the first week, I would take my proposal to the top-level managers for their consideration. Heads of departments would seek views from their members in the second week. The management would review input from all departments in the third week. A communications specialist would be hired in the fourth week. The required equipment would also be bought in the fourth week. Execution of the project goal would start in the fifth week. Thereafter, routine monitoring would be conducted to assess the outcomes of the goal.