Personal Reasons to Become a Nurse

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In my opinion, a life well-lived is one that is lived in such a way that it makes a difference in the lives of other people. However, I believe that it takes more than mere raw skill and good intentions to make an optimal difference. A solid educational background proves invaluable for one to make a positive impact on society and become adept at providing the needed services, therefore, making him relevant to his clients and also being a credit to his profession in general. It is for these reasons that I aspire to be a join John Hopkins University and pursue a degree in nursing.

Academically, I am an above-average student and have always excelled in my academics. For example, I was admitted to Law School on a full scholarship though I did not get to complete my course in Law. I attribute my academic success to my single-minded objective to succeed in my educational endeavors. On admission to the nursing program, I intend to keep up with my good academic performance, and I believe that with the constant dedication with which I embark on my undertakings, I will graduate with distinction from this institute.

I have a B in Sociology which I believe will be useful in the nursing field where I will constantly interact with people hailing from varying backgrounds. Currently, I am a graduate student advisor, and my students include seasoned foreign doctors and educators as well as students who are fresh out of college. In order to deal with this widely varied group, I have to reinvent myself all the time and look for approaches that are appropriate and desirable for each group. These inherent skills I have acquired in my profession will come in handy in my future in nursing.